Software Development

ComUnus undertakes custom development projects for specific requirements that cannot be met by packaged software.

Mobility Solutions

ComUnus provides a wide range of mobility solutions that can give your business the true Mobile advantage.

IT Infrastructure

ComUnus can handle ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in IT infrastructure, but our prime focus is on Operating Systems Services and Middleware Services.


ComUnus Technologies provide IT Innovation and agility to our customer to respond rapidly changing market conditions.

Managed Services

Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

QA & Testing

ComUnus help their customers to achieve High Quality for all their new or existing products or applications.

About ComUnus

ComUnus word comes from community, which joins two Latin word Com('together' or 'with') and Unus ('one'). A community, then, is both one and many. It is a unified multitude and not a mere group of people. The Vedas say, 'Man can live individually but can survive only collectively'. Hence the challenge is to form a progressive community by balancing the interests of the individuals and that of society."

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